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Did you know? Parents are twice as likely to protect their own eyes compared to their children’s eyes, yet 80% of UV damage happens during childhood and adolescence.

Transitions photochromic lenses, ensure clarity of vision and enhanced protection for children’s eyes. So what does photochromic mean? Transitions lenses change from clear to dark, to suit all indoor and outdoor activities, this means that your children don’t need to swap between everyday glasses and sunglasses; they are all-in-one!

Transitions for kids comes with enhanced protection when compared to other ‘children’s’ lenses.  Parents can rest easy knowing that their child’s eyes are protected all day.

How do Transitions protect your children’s eyes?

  • Transitions block of 100% UVA and UVB rays. Transitions for kids let children play outside with UV protection in all outdoor situations
  • Made from Airwear material for additional protection. Airwear is the same material that NASA uses to make visors for their astronauts! It is safe and durable and can withstand a blow from objects moving up to 150m/s.
  • Blue-violet light cut. Children’s eyes absorb more blue-violet light than an adult! Blue-violet light is at its peak outdoors, so when activated, Transitions cuts at least 85% of blue –violet, which means that those at-risk kids are covered.

With Transitions for Kids know that your child will be protected day in, and day out. If that’s not enough – Essilor offers:

  • With a 30 Day Love Them or Leave Them warranty – lenses can be exchanged for a clear lens within 30 days!

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