The New Generation of Single Vision Lenses

How up to date are your single vision lenses?

Are they still a design from the 1900s or is time for an update?

Digital devices are shaping the way we live. We are all spending more time on digital devices - learning, working, playing and socializing, and screens are getting smaller and characters are more pixelated.

When using devices (smartphones, tablets, eBook reader), we look downwards more and have to focus close up for longer, while frequently switching between devices at different distances. As we look down we use an area of the lens located away from the centre, so vision at the edges of the lens is often not as sharp. As a result we experience visual fatigue, which is also associated with exposure to blue light from devices.

However, current single vision lenses do not address these issues.

Eyezen Start are the new single vision lenses designed for a connected digital life.

Eyezen Start lenses have revolutionised single vision lenses. Standard single vision lenses are optimised for distance viewing only so that you can see clearly in far vision. However, with Eyezen Start, you can see clearly in far vision, as well as in the near vision because the bottom of the lens has been optimised, without the need for additional power at the bottom of the lens. The result is Eyezen Start helps reduce visual fatigue

Better visual comfort, Better contrast, Better clarity

  • Eyezen Digital Lenses

High Level of Satisfaction with Eyezen Start Wearers.

Whether you spend 2 hours or even 10 hours per day on digital devices your digital life has an impact on your vision.

With Eyezen Start lenses your vision is sharper than it is with ordinary single vision lenses so you don't have to make as much effort to see screens clearly.

Eyezen Start wearers report improved comfort, less fatigue, less glare and clearer vision.

Eyezen Start Helps Reduce Visual Fatigue

Eyezen Start lenses are optimised for the close vision for extra help to support your visual efforts when you're looking at digital screens. A blue UV filter is standard with all Eyezen Start lenses for filtering of blue-violet lights emitted by digital screens.

  1. Helps reduce eye strain
  2. Helps reduce visual fatigue
  3. Helps support readability of smaller text on digital device screens