Anti-REFLECTION Lenses: Sharp, Clear Vision Without ReflectionS

How Do Anti-Reflection Lenses Work?

Light pollution is everywhere. There are so many light sources in our cities that at night we can no longer see the stars. Reflections from all these lights can be quite uncomfortable and can even make it difficult to see. This affects most of us multiple times a day, so that is where anti-reflection lenses come into the picture.

Anti-reflection lenses have a coating (also known as AR coating). This is made up of extremely thin layers placed on the lens to remove any reflections you might normally see from the surface of your glasses (both on the front and the back). It also reduces ‘halos’ around light sources and is essential for driving at night.

Essilor anti-reflection lenses are made with a special ‘hydrophobic’ layer that seals the anti-reflection treatment, so the lenses repel water and oil droplets making the glasses easy to clean.

Ordinary lenses lose between 8 and 15 percent of the light due to reflections so once eliminated by an AR coating, more light is transmitted to your eyes helping to improve the sharpness of your vision. Your lenses are now virtually invisible so people see your eyes not your lenses.

  • Anti-glare lenses

When Do You Need Anti-Reflection Lenses?

As an anti-reflection coating reduces any light reflecting from your glasses, everyone can definitely benefit, especially those who:

  • Work consistently with computers, where office lighting can cause ghosting and internal reflections
  • Drive regularly, especially at night to reduce haloes and ghosting from oncoming headlights
  • Work outdoors and wear prescription sunglasses, where the coating will stop the annoying effect of seeing your own eye in the back of the lens

Anyone who wears glasses should look into getting anti-reflection lenses like Crizal as they help in  everyday situations.

Anti-reflection coating is recommended for those who wear UV protection lenses or high-index lenses (thinner, lighter lens materials), as these lenses reflect more light than regular lenses. Like any system of the body the eyes are designed to function best with 100% input. By comparison if you lose 5% of your body water you will have headaches and be dizzy, likewise if between 8 and 15 percent of the light is reflected away from your eyes it will impact on things like contrast.


There are many benefits of AR lenses:

  • With reflections removed from the front and back of the lens, vision is sharper and clearer.
  • With AR lenses reducing unwanted back surface reflections while working at a computer all day, you’ll likely be more productive as you won't be dodging annoying reflections
  • An AR coating make your glasses more attractive. Your eyes are more visible without reflections on your glasses. Making eye contact is simple when wearing AR lenses  which is very important both social and professional situations.
  • Today every phone is a camera and every situation is "Insta worthy", anti-reflection lenses make taking the perfect selfie a lot easier; without reflections you’ll get that perfect shot the first time.
  • With an AR coating, 99.5 percent of all light reaches the eye through the lenses, sharpening your vision

 Visit your optometrist today to see what your options are for Crizal anti-reflection lenses and start experiencing clearer vision day and night.

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