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Summer fashion is a playground of colours and accessories. The light, bright nature of warm-weather style makes it that much easier to weave your glasses into your summer look.

Between Vogue's spring/summer trend of bold Crayola colour, and the ultra violet colour of the year from Pantone, it’s safe to say that big, bright colours are getting a good run in 2018, and we couldn’t love this trend more.

Making bold colours work is easy – start with items that are solid colours, and try a few combinations. If in doubt, you can look at triadic or split-complementary colour schemes for ideas.

The best thing about this trend is that it works really well for making your glasses part of your warm-weather look. Summer style should be fun and feel-good, and we’ve got some hot tips on how to make that happen.

Top tips for styling glasses in summer:

1. Experiment with up-dos. Pulling your hair back off your face is not only a great thing to do in hot weather, it takes a lot of weight away from your face visually. This leaves room to show off your glasses and a cute pair of earrings, while keeping you cool and on-trend.


Transitions Style Colours Image 1.jpg

2. Opt for glasses that add to your style, not detract from it. There’s no need to reluctantly wear glasses that you don’t love. Ask your optometrist about more stylish options like Transitions Style Colours and choose coloured lenses that can turn your glasses into a statement of their own.

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3. Invest in some items–clothing or jewellery–that compliment your glasses. Once you’ve got a pair that you love, pick a few summer items that pair well with your glasses. This will give you an easy, stylish look for summer events.

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4. Go for versatile glasses, so you can travel light. Nothing is worse than having to lug a bag full of supplies around all summer. Instead of having multiple pairs of glasses, choose Transitions Lenses. They respond to changes in light, so you can wear them from day to night. That’s one less thing to try and stuff in your clutch!

Transitions Style Colours Image 3.jpg

Make the most of the warm months by embracing the love of colour with Transitions Style Colours. The sapphire, amethyst, emerald, and amber lenses transition quickly from clear to tinted, and are perfect for festivals, parties and all the fun of summer.

Transitions Lenses can be fitted to any frame, and protect you from 100 per cent of UVA & UVB rays. To choose your colour, click here.


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