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With the end of the summer holidays in sight, it’s time to start thinking about the new school year. While this can be a dreaded time of year for parents, it can also be both productive and exciting.

The new school year is a milestone that prompts us to think about a lot of things, from labelling the new school supplies to putting in leave requests for important school events. There can also be changes that come for our children, such as being separated from friends, that can take some energy to resolve.

Whatever the new school year has in store for your family, it’s safe to say that there’s always a lot of preparation to be done. While adding more things to the list may seem daunting, building some of the often-forgotten things into your back to school routine means that you can be sure that your child is prepared every school year.

Before the flurry of the back to school process sets in, there are some important things to check that go beyond making sure uniforms still fit.

Things to remember before sending the kids off to the new year of school:

1. Check the school stuff.

Obvious, right? Perhaps not. School requirements are getting stricter, so make sure you check the details. For example, some schools have minimum system requirements for laptops. Is your child’s laptop up to scratch? What about virus protection for it? Making sure that computers are updated and protected will help your child learn efficiently.

2. Get a vision test.

This one tends to slip under the radar, but it’s well worth doing. Any issues with eye sight can be hard for children to perceive, so proactive testing can help make sure that you find out about any issues, and they stay on the top of their game at school. This can be done at your local optometrist, often for free. Should they need glasses, Transitions now has a kids’ range, meaning you can get one pair of lenses that they can wear in any situation such as from the classroom to the oval. Learn more here.

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3. Visit the dentist.

Finding out about any dental needs as soon as possible is a practicality as well as a health matter. Dental care and orthodontics can be expensive, so regular check-ups can help you budget for any big expenses, like braces, that could be on the horizon. Getting any orthodontics done sooner rather than later can even reduce the cost, depending on the treatment needed.

4. Talk about ambitions.

Alongside all the practical, necessary stuff, talking about what your child wants to do in the new year, and what they think might lie ahead of them at school, can get them excited about the year to come. Do they want to get involved in sports? What about being a student representative? This also has the added benefit of introducing them to, in a very simple sense, setting personal goals. Of course, the nature of this will differ depending on age, but it can be a really nice way to prepare both you and them for the year ahead.
With these things ticked off, your child will be going back to school well prepared, giving them their best chance of succeeding this year. Making sure they are not only equipped, but also healthy and happy, goes a long way to making the year a success for the whole family.

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About Transitions Lenses

Transitions Lenses are designed to be worn all day long, outdoors and indoors. The lenses quickly adapt to changes in light, protecting your child’s eyes from strain and UV light without them having to remember to change pairs. You can get them in virtually every frame, style, size and prescription.



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