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In both a professional and personal sense, young Australians are leading increasingly busy lives. The multi-tasking nature of the ‘digital native’ generation is as present in our calendars as it is in our online habits. With so much going on, daily style is as much about versatility as it is personality.

Enter the concept of ‘day-to-night’ style–a way of dressing that leaves you with no need to run home and change during a busy day or lug around extra bags. Having an outfit that can take you through the day and into the evening means you can spend your energy on the things that matter.

When glasses are a part of your daily wear, this can also mean having more than one pair to make sure you’re equipped for the various things in your calendar.

Much like the convenience of an outfit that can be worn day-to-night, Transitions® Signature Style Colours provide high-quality corrective lenses, but become tinted–like sunglasses–when exposed to light, meaning there’s no need to carry an extra pair.

This new collection gives you the choice of four bold, in-season colours and can be fitted to almost any frame. One pair will have you covered for the morning commute, the daily grind, the moment of sun at lunch, and a happy hour that goes from daylight to darkness.

To celebrate the new Transitions® Signature Style Colours collection, here’s how to make your day-to-night style effortless, every time.

The classic white shirt

A fail-safe for almost any occasion, a crisp white shirt can be office-friendly, dressed down for an afternoon coffee, or styled up for a Friday night out. Opt for a shirt with a bit of detail and you’ll find it easy to make it work for most occasions, and a wrinkle-free fabric will keep you looking sharp for long days.


Day-to-night style with Transitions® Signature Style Colours in Sapphire

A stash of accessories

If you’re off to work for the day and your workplace is a little more on the conservative side, a great way to pull off your day-to-night look without too much hassle is to add accessories at the end of the day. A statement necklace or bold earrings can take office corporate to classy social without adding extra kilos to your morning commute.


Day-to-night style with Transitions® Signature Style Colours in Amethyst

Stepping up your shoe game

Never underestimate the impact of adding a heel. While the comfort of your favourite flat mules is hard to pass up for the activities of the day, opting for a fun pair of heels can add extra interest and style to your ensemble. Stick to block heels if you need to be on your feet, and invest in shoes with good support.


Day-to-night style with Transitions® Signature Style Colours in Amber

Embrace colour

We often have a tendency to gravitate to neutral colours for every-day wear, but adding some brighter colours to the wardrobe can make a simple and practical shirt-and-pants combination Instagram-worthy. Same goes for patterns–there’s no need to shy away. Choose a statement item for your day and have fun with it.


Day-to-night style with Transitions® Signature Style Colours in Emerald

Transitions® Style Colours react to light, changing from clear to tinted, providing more protection for your eyes than most standard lenses. This makes them both stylish and practical for any event, day or night.

In addition to 100% UV protection, the lenses also guard against the blue light emitted by devices.

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