4 signs your glasses don't fit

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4 signs your glasses don't fit


If you’re constantly pushing up your glasses on your nose or holding the frames in place when you bend over, it’s past time to get your frames adjusted at your optometrist or optical dispenser.

If your frames are beyond repair, your optometrist or dispenser can help you select new frames that will fit properly. Try the frames on before you order and have an optical dispenser adjust them until they fit your face perfectly.

Glasses are not one-size-fits-all. We all have different shaped faces, different sized heads and different spacing between our eyes. If your glasses don’t fit, get them fixed or replace them.

Here are 4 signs your glasses don’t fit:


1. You often adjust your glasses on your nose

In the summertime, your glasses will most likely slide down your nose. You can blame this on a combination of sweat and gravity.

However, if you find that your glasses regularly slide down your nose, even when you’re not perspiring, it’s a sign that your glasses don’t fit your face.

WHAT TO DO: Take your glasses to your optometrist or optical dispenser so they can adjust the nose-pieces and the general fit of your frames. After the adjustment, if the bridge of your glasses doesn’t fit the bridge of your nose, it might be time to get a new pair of glasses.


2. Your glasses fall off when you bend over

If you’re just bending over to get something out of your bag or to pick something off of the floor and your glasses fall off, that’s a clear sign your frames are not adjusted correctly for your face or need to be refitted.

WHAT TO DO: Visit your optometrist or optical dispenser and have an expert adjust your glasses until you get a perfect fit. What is a perfect fit if your frames were loose? Your glasses should stay in place without pressing tightly on your nose, ears or the sides of your head. Correctly fitting frames rest snugly across the bridge of your nose and the ends of the temples (arms) will gently follow the contour from the top of your ears and along the mastoid bone (the large bone that sticks up behind your ears), so they don’t move even when you shake your head.


3. Your glasses leave red spots on your nose

Your glasses shouldn’t press into your face at any point. If your glasses are leaving red indentations on your nose, then your frames either need an adjustment or the 'bridge' may be too small for your nose.

Small spots where your frames rest on your nose are normal, but glaring sore, red spots are not.

WHAT TO DO: If your glasses are uncomfortable, get them adjusted by your optometrist or optical dispenser or if the adjustment doesn’t help, trade up and get a new pair.


4. You have grooves along the sides of your head, your glasses are too tight

If you have deep, red indentations on the sides of your face when you take off your glasses, your frames need an adjustment and possibly you need larger frames.

WHAT TO DO: See your optometrist or optical dispenser and get your frames adjusted. If your frames are unable to be altered to fit you perfectly, your practitioner can help you pick out new frames that will fit your face shape, be stylish and won’t leave grooves in your head!